Motivation and Inspiration

The fact that two out of three of the above images contain a certain Bradley Wiggins is a serious reference to who i am - and whom i idolise. These Photos, for me personally - show not only what a great year British Cycling has had, but also what a great sport Cycling is to capture through the lense. I am currently studying Photography Gcse - this has made me start to realise the skill it takes to produce a good Sport Photograph.

But that is just one side to the photos - each morning, I wake up, and see my bedroom wall opposite me, covered from floor to ceiling in cutouts from magazines - from Evans in his Rainbow Jersey to Cavendish on the Champs-Élysées, they inspire me day in day out. But its not just the obvious things like the pain showed on their faces or the glory they are basking in. Its down to the details like Wiggins Elyptical Chain rings, Haussler's Cervelo, Boonens face in the background of San-Remo, Cav's teamate in the background - sat up and looking for that all important win.