Priorities - Racing and Work...

In the last couple of hours I have resigned from my Saturday job. I have been working since the end of June 09 and have really enjoyed it, as well as learning more than I could have ever imagined. But not just about Cycling, yes I have learnt more Science than I do in school with things like how they make Gore-Tex and I have learnt how to fit a cycling shoe almost perfectly (I would like to think!). But more importantly I have learnt alot about myself and how to deal with things from tricky customers to debit card machines! I have really grown up over the last few months I have spent working Saturdays and owe alot to Condor Cycles for that.

I found it very hard to resign - I had been enjoying work so much, had such a great time and been looked after so well. But my natural instinct to race - Competitiveness, my urge to win and the friends I have been missing from the racing scene. I have also been training so hard recently I cant go another month without racing!

This season had better be a good one!