Yarborough British Cycling Youth National Series

27th March - Sixty Four Under 16's lined up at the start of the Yaborough Youth Race, the first leg of the 2010 BC National Youth Series. The course at Yarborough Youth Race, Lincoln consists of a about seven or eight corners in 800 meters. Its pan flat and has a nice sprinkle of gravel covering most corners!

Clip in and away, my first major race of the season is underway. The first tight corner comes after about 200 metres - everyone is jostling for positions and going into the corner there is a touch of wheels but everyone stays up, out of the corner and two guys directly infront of my wheel go down - I remember the crunching of Carbon, something I had not heard since 09. I thought for a moment or two my introduction to the National Circuit was going to be me flying over the bars and ending up in hospital. I managed to avoid the crash but had lost a few vital places.

The thing about the Yarborough course was it rewarded good positioning. I learnt alot racing the course - knowledge I hope to take back there next yeat too go for the win! I had quite abit left it the sprint but just ran out of ground - next time I will make sure my position into that corner is better, although it would be nice to do what Jonathon Dibben did this year and solo away with time to spare at the end!