4 Day Block - Hog and Herne Hill's

I really dont want this blog to become about winning...

But I have got in abit to much of a habbit.

I had a good week last week - with a race at Bill Temme on the monday it was thrown slightly of balance of my usual weeks. A rest on Tuesday and an interupted day on Wednesday picking up my new frame and getting it built meant that I had wasted half a week. I had origionally planned to do a rest week with some easy rides before a race on Saturday and Sunday. This however was disrupted by a big group planned ride on the Thursday. We did some crazy logn intervals - Clem afterwards told me he had gone harder in some of those short training races than he had all season in proper races! I really didnt feel it on the day, It was my first ride on the new bike - and I was enjoying it so much I didnt really notice how hard we where going.

Following the very hard day, three of us headed out for an easy two hours on the Friday. My legs felt absolutely awful and I was struggling to hold wheels.

Race day came and I felt resonable riding down to the race, In my warm up again I was struggling to hold wheels and not feeling my best - I hoped this feeling would disapear once the racing started as it often does. Unfortunately it didnt and I started to feel worse - for the first time in a long time I even considered pulling out of the race, but that is just so against what I do that I couldnt and really didnt want to. As the race progressed four of us broke away on the climb - with about three laps to go I was sitting comofortably and normally would have thought I was the strongest, but today really wasnt fancying my chances.

Coming into the last lap I concentrated hard and focused on the job in hand - we where sprinting up the uphill shicaine at Hog Hill and I thought if I could lead it out then I would have enough power to stay infront. I pushed about seventy percent on the climb then made sure I stayed on the front into the slight downhill, I hit the tight corner first and kicked hard again on the slight uphill, two corners later and a small finshing straight and I had my hands in the air! I will never get over the feeling of winning a race - I often shout way to loud as the emotion you build up over the race gets out!

Sunday was the last day of my semi-intensive four day block, I had a nice lay in before heading down to Herne Hill Veledrome for the first of the Spring Omniums. I had decided to race as a Junior is this event, meaning I would be riding with and agaisnt the adults (3 and 4 cats) - it was pretty windy but i geared myself pretty well on the 48x16 about 86 inches. I again didnt feel 100% but felt alot better than I had the previous day. The Omnium consisted on a 10 lap Scratch, 3 Lap Dash, Points Race and a Devils. I favoured the two latter events as they suited my slightly more endurance side. In the scratch I placed myself ok coming into the sprint but was feeling a little tense by my first track race of the year, I also just didnt have the legs for the sprint and came in around 5th or 6th. In the dash I lead it out but again didnt have the legs and came in at the rear of the group - no real shock to the system as I have never been great in this type of event. Next came the devils - a fun event but one often marred by crashes. I used my normal tactic of riding near the front the whole time, not worrying a great deal about being in the wind but not wasting too much energy. The field of about 30 riders was whittled down 2 a lap untill there was just 3 of us left in for the last lap. I rode the front for the last couple of laps, not bothering to look around. Coming into the final lap one man went infront and I was happy to sit in on his wheel before the spint, with just under half a lap to go I wound up the sprint and went round him, I was aware that a rider who I knew had a good sprint was on my wheel so went hard to try and blow him off, and we approached the line he started to edge up on me but I kicked hard one last time and beat him by about a wheels length. In the points I used a good tactic picking up some early placings then getting in a break and getting two first places - this wrapped up the win and a very enjoyable day!