New bike - New beginning?

I picked the new bike up from Condor yesterday! First off a big thanks to the guys at the warehouse for building it up super quick so I could get a ride in before race day. It feels amazing! My first full carbon frame and it just feels super quick - makes you want to nail it the whole time. Other things I am really enjoying is the new Fizik Arione team edition saddle, it feels like returning to an old friend. The length of it just means you can get right forward, right back and perfectly pertched in the middle in comfort. New Zero 100 bars are also very nice - I like the slightly wider flats than my old bars - and the drops feel perfect too. They seem pretty stiff but also dont break the bank which is a real plus when you havent finished growing! I will soon be putting a zero 100 stem on too match the bars, just deciding weather to stick with a 100 or got slightly longer.

First ride was 3 and half hours in the beautiful sunshine, a nice ride with half dozen guys from my club, mainly concentrating on intervals/sprints on some of essex's hills. The bike felt amazing - the combo of a new chain, nicer bars, more comfortable saddle and the new frame meant I felt like I was absoultely flying. The stiffness of the frame was incredible whilst it was still remaining comfortable on some of the rotten roads from this past harsh winter. Although possible because of my switch from Compact to double chainset and not the frame - I could have sworn the frame's stiffness encouraged me to push a harder, lower cadence gear. Possibly something to do with the frame feeling stiffer and me feeling better putting down more power.

The real test will be Hog Hill on Saturday - I cant wait!!!!!

P.s. I only need 2 more points on my youth racing licence and I will get a dispensation to ride with the 3/4 cats! Still aiming for a top 10 National Ranking in this my first year of Youth A (Under 16) - Im lyeing in 12th place at the moment but hopefully will move up once I start the 3/4 races where the big points lie!