Going to try and shoot the start of this years final Photography piece tomorrow. The assignment is to shoot your own portraiture piece, it can be influenced by any number of artists/photographers. There isnt too much of an issue if your idea is to similar to another photographers work because over the next few weeks we will be developing our work and trying to progress it. The scheme of work is the first in which we are free to take our own photos and idea's rather than imitate other photographers. I am really exited about trying out some different stuff but also wary to stay focused and try and produce some good work.

My shoot tomorrow will be based on the idea of following a rider for a day - with photos of them getting ready to go out, leaving house, climbing, decending - pretty much anything I think could work. And then presenting the photos in a grid like fashion. We will see how it comes out - but I imagine it coming out in a similar way to my constant influence Timm Kolln's 'Sastre' but with more of a story to the pictures as a set.

Another idea I have been playing around with is something on the Graphics of Jerseys - I like how this could be encoporated into poraiture and what it represents about the rider. This piece could potentially be very easy to shoot with only one race day at Hog Hill needed - and because they are not action shots I could still ride!