Rapha Gentlemans Time Trail

I rode the Rapha Gentleman's Time Trail on Sunday 13th June. Have been waiting for the time to write a decent report and for some photos to hit the interweb. The event, similar to the 'Rapha Gentleman's Races' in the US, is an invite only 200km Team Time Trail. With teams of 6 setting off at regular intervals from the Rapha Cycle Club Pop up shop, I had been invited to ride the previous week for the Condor team and was really looking forward to the ride. I arrived at the Cafe around 8 for my free Coffee and Croissants, soon to be met with the rubbish news that 2 of our team had had to drop out last minute. After Ben had had Coffee spilt all down his white Condor Jersey and White arm warmers (see picture above) we lined up at the start. Next we where told our team would not count as times where recorded on the 5th rider, we decided to ride anyway - we couldnt really see how our 2 men (2nd and 4th cat), 1 woman (Tash from the Rapha Condor Womens team) and me not even old enough to sign the consent forms! With the clouds over us and arm warmers pulled right up we headed for our first checkpoint - a pub somewhere in the middle of London and Brighton! After a good ride to the mid-mid point, and with the sun getting higher and stronger in the sky we joined up with the Rapha team for the ride to Brighton. At some points we where really TTTing and having fun pushing it on some of the roads, it turns out they had got their 5 mins up on us by riding busy A roads the whole way whilst we had had fun on some nice back village lanes. Reaching Ditchling Beacon I pushed it a little and found myself on the wrong side of the road skirting by the traffic, I didnt have a clue how long the hill was so rode an steady tempo to the top determined to beat all the Rapha lads to the top! A quick dive down into Brighton and we where soon on the beachfront filling up bottles and drinking more free Coffee! After a 5 min pit stop we left the sea behind with the Rapha and Mosquito teams, although we where soon stopped in our tracks as the Brighton World Naked Ride Day went past! After 5 mins of hiding behind my Oakleys we started out ride home, via another Pub Check point slightly more out of the way that the first. I had been feeling very strong all day but started really pushing it with about 30 miles to go. Reaching the club just after a 6 man mosquito we all felt we had ridden really well and I was still feeling strong, walking in the door I suddenly has a real Hunger knock and ran for the table and bowls of Pasta! A really great ride, thanks to Condor for the offer to ride and to Rapha for a great day out!