Ritte Van Vlaanderen

I have been following the Californian based, Belgian styled team Ritte Van Vlaanderen for quite a while now but I guess never really thought to post my love for them!

The story of Ritte Racing

In 1919, a talented young bike racer from Flanders named Henri “Ritte” Van Lerberghe showed up bikeless to the starting line of the Tour of Flanders. The First World War had just ended, and ready for battle of a different kind, Ritte traveled to the race straight from the frontlines. Within minutes of the start, Ritte borrowed a bike from a local, and in the typical Ritte style he attacked the pack almost immediately.Ritte built up such a sizable lead that he decided to stop and have a pre-celebratory beer. One beer turned into three or four, and despite the fact that he now felt more like hanging out with the locals than winning, Ritte was coaxed back on his borrowed bike and wobbled across the street to complete the finishing laps on the velodrome. Second place rolled in no less than 14 minutes later. Ritte had won Belgium’s greatest race and had fun doing it.Legend has it that Ritte started up a racing team and named it after himself. He thought bike racing should be as fun as it is demanding, and as enjoyable as it is miserable. And after 90 years of hibernation, The Ritte van Vlaanderen Cycling Team and Racing Bicycles has re-emerged in the heart of Southern California.

I really like their Kit, Bikes and especially their spoofs of the popular Cervelo Test Team Documentaries, Beyond The Peloton called Behind the Peloton. Below is a one of the episodes but check out all the videos here.