Bit of a disappointment! Was really hoping Shleck would atleats put a dig in, but nothing. I guess he just didnt feel he could. It was still a brilliant stage, I really wanted Klobonov to stay away.

Its a shame, this tour has had alot of guys talking up their chances massively but not actually doing anything. A certain Brit jumps to mind. Although I do love Bradley, and he has now atleast admitted he was wrong, I think he reason is correct, the Giro De Italia was way harder than anyone imagined it could be. The interesting weather definitely reminded me of some of the crazy (great!) weather we saw in the Giro. This is starting to sound like a journalistic dig at the Tour and its riders, forget that, its been a great race, super interesting, and still some brilliant stages to come! Im sitting here wondering if any riders will miss the time cut, I heard Mcewen was in trouble early on, but hopfully he will soldier through..!

On another note its the Rollapalluza Urban Hill Climb tonight, really wish I could have ridden, its up Swaines Lane, one of my regular training hills. Unfortunately Nationals on Saturday means im not taking the risk! Very impressed by Rollapalluza, they have secured a full road closure and I am sure the night will be a huge success!