London Youth Games

Saturday gave the chance for the Hackney Borough Team to defend their 2009 title at the London Youth Games.

After riding down to Crystal Palace with my team mate (and training partner) Alex Peters, I changed into my brand new Cyclign Club Hackney, GSG made Skinsuit (they make Aqua Sapone kit!) We arrived to the news that a very young under 16 team had come 4th in their category. My category, the under 18s (although im 15 so could ride either) was later in the afternoon, I was to be the last rider off. Early in afternoon session a friend from VC Londres, riding for Lambeth, Conor Bunn set a scortching 7.40 time for 4 laps around the twisty, mixed terain of the Crystal Palace Circuit. I was very impressed, although with the knowledge that last times winning time was 7.25 I hoped to go faster. Alex then set a wicked time of 7.25 and I slightly adjusted how fast I wanted to go! After hiding in the shade at the start, plugged into Eminem, I started my ride and went as hard as I could. A mate was giving me splits, but over the prolouge style TT I didnt really get any information and just put the hammer down as fast as I could. On the last lap, I was lining up to enter the sharp hairpin and a fly flew straight into my eye! I had forgotten my shades at home and immidietly got thrown off my line! Taking it at full speed but in the complete wrong line, I thought I could have pulled off getting around it without crashing! Then my front wheel started to slide out and I thought it was all over, somehow I had managed to keep it up and adrenaline rushing I sprinted out of the corner, thanking whatever had kept me up! 7.13! I was so pleased to have got the fastest time, and apparently an event record! Really made the day, and although we thought we had lost, ten minutes later the Hackney Team found out we had won the overall! This year was much closer than in 2009, it also felt alot better as we thought we had lost!

110 miles on Sunday with lads from the club. Not sure about racing during this week, but I have a two day stage race in Belgium on the weekend! Woop!