Ireland part 1.

So origionally I had planned to do the BC Champs, rest a couple of days, and then go on a crazy journey across Europe, via train to Assen (100 Miles above Amsterdam). There I would race the Assen Youth Tour, a 5 day, europe wide stage race.

The plan then changed when I realised firstly how much it was going to cost, secondly how much we would be taking on getting ourselves there alone is one piece and thirdly when Alan Rosner, Eastern Region Manager invited us both to go and race The Mayo International Youth Tour in County Mayo, Ireland. I jumped at the opportunity to race firtsly in Ireland, but also for Mr Rosner who's trips are always brilliant and who was taught me alot over these last 6 months.

The squad was a small and compact 4 man unit comprising off Daniel Young, Joshua Hannan, Alan Trolove and myself.

I will post a report in the next couple of days.

P.s. In keeping with the name of my blog, for those of you interested here is a full list of all those young riders trialing/stagiareing (possibly made that word up) on pro teams.