Kit, kit and kit.

Just ordered some new wheels from Condor, very very exited, my first ever hand builts or brand new wheels for that matter!!!

I have chosen very carefully and hoepfully made the right decisions, firstly the rims, bombproof but equally light Mavic Reflex's(Tubular)as used by the Pro's for Paris-Roubaix etc...

Next was Ultegra 6700 hubs, not as pricey or light as top of the range Dura Ace's, but still very light and strong. And luckily for those Image Concious readers, the hubs fit the wicked 'CD', what I would call grey colour of the rims, Woop!

To join the hubs and rims in what I hope will be holy and eternal matrimony would be some very strong and light (again!!!) double butted sapim spokes. Finnaly to grace my wheels, Continental Sprinter Gatorskins, similar to my favourite tyres, the Competitions, but with a little more puncture protection for added safety.

As you have probably realised I am super exited about these wheels, and to top it off I found out I am getting my Garmin 705 computer from my Coach on friday, this means I will have loads of super nerdy (but really cool) diagrams, charts and figures to share!!! And to add to all this exitement, being the loser I am I bought Pro Cycling Manager, Season 2010, was going to save it for the winter but what the heck I just installed it and have chosen my team! More on the Garmin to come, Im off too Belgium with Dante for the day on Sunday so will put it through its paces there.