Winter Bike

I love the idea of a bike that does everything, or thats sole purpose is too batter through the winter weather; grime, grit and rain galore, untill it reaches the other side, the sun, where it is unceremoniously put away for the summer bike.

So I was stuck on what I would be riding this winter, I did have my old Fuji Alu frame hanging around, it was about half built and in a pretty sorry unridden (and unloved!) state. It also seemed to only have the cheaper components on like bars, stem etc and would mean spending quite a lot on something that would get battered anyway, it needed new wheels, rear mech, shifters and so on after it had been cannibalised to build the Condor, most of the parts have now been swapped or sold in return for new, lighter, stronger and better components!

I also had my fixed gear F.Moser steel frame/bike that I use for running round London on, I considered putting some proper bars on and setting it up as a fixed gear for the winter training, or of completely rebuilding it with gears. But this meant I wouldnt have a bike to ride in town, or would have to slave up every hill on the fixed.

Then the Boss from Cycling Club Hackney offered me one of the club bikes to use over the winter and I jumped at the chance of not having to spend my hard earned cash building up the Fuuuj. So here is the Tifosi I was lent:

Its heavy, slow and not the best of looking bikes, but its pretty damn perfect for the job in hand! Such a cheap alternative to building a bike was perfect, I had to buy mudguards and tyres and it will need some new tape but thats it! Lets hope it lives up to this promise. It also has a little incentive on the stem for ultimate rainy tough days: