So this is my 100th post?!

Firstly I had a really good weekend, as I said in the last post im feeling strong at the moment and although its only November I am very exited about next season as always! I have just been looking at some races in Belgium next year for the first part of the season and it got me pretty psyched up. We heard about our Mock Gcse's in school today and December is going to be a very packed month, with loads of work to do, however also looks like I will get a lot of riding time too. I have a week of study leave that will allow me to get in some more mid-week miles than usual, then a week of art and photography exams all day, after which I will be off to Newport for a Talent Programme Camp.

Secondly I spoke to my uncle last night via email, he is a very keen cyclist and rides for the inspirational team of the Fireflies. He said that he thought I was wrong that I came from a non cycling family and I guess in a way he is right. The Fireflies 'traverse 1000km across the French Alps, from Geneva to Cannes, to help raise money for Leuka'. There are some great videos on their website to show the pain some of their riders go through, physically whilst climbing great alpine mountains but also mentally whilst remembering loved ones lost. Made up mainly of members of the film business, my uncle Michael has been riding with them alot longer than I have been in the game and is definitely a cyclist and definitely a part of my family!. Checkout the Fireflies website and Michael's profile here and why not sponsor them for next years ride!? Its a great cause and they have raised hundreds of thousands for Leuka already. For those who suffer, they ride!

Michael at the top of the madeleine.

Michael's comments also got me thinking; I have been on a bike since a sunny day in London Fields in 1998, on the slightly downhill grassy section next to the cricket pitch. All that time, and for years before, Mum has ridden in London. For a long time on stupid beaten up hybrids. However since I fell in love with the sport she has upgraded to a very trusty Lemond Single Speed and now does some "proper" long distance riding. On sunday she was out on the Cycling Club Hackney Women's ride that she co organises, Bede my brother was riding CycloCross in Gunpowder Park, Essex. And I was out on the clubrun, going through the Essex and Hertfordshire lanes, non cycling family? Says who..!