Half Term

Today is the last day of Half Term and usual I have piles of work to complete! I have spent the whole week riding my bike so today is catch up day! The week started well; a good days training with Clem was followed by my Induction into the British Cycling Talent Team, it was immense! We where up at 6 every morning for rollers and on the last day some army style circuit training, then the morning and or afternoon was filled with group rides around country lanes near our base in Qourn just outside Loughborough. We also had meetings, workshops and team building sessions in the evenings. However probably the best team building exercise was a 4 hour ride in the soaking wet rain. After a well earned rest day I was back training with Clem on Friday, followed by an hours run on Saturday and then a gym session with Alex in the afternoon. It had been a long week and by Sunday I was pretty dead heading into the club run, we did another 4 hours in the soaking rain, with a nice cafe stop in Cafe Nero in Hertford. Coming back into Essex Clem and I sat up slightly whilst the older clubmen raced on, we have both had long hard first seasons and know that the off season is key for our plans next year.
Checkout the club page - http://www.cyclingclubhackney.co.uk/ for the Director Sportif's reports...
Today im going to do some Core work and try and get some homework and revision done!