Weekend 13th/14th November

Im sitting on a train home from Manchester, it is absolutely boiling and I am starving, tired (been up since half five) and cant wait to get home! On the little fold out table in front of me sits four practice maths papers (I have a maths test tomorrow) and my spanish oral, they have been there since the train pulled out of Manchester Piccadilly, almost looking at me in my sorry overtired state, they sit untouched and crumpled up from a weekend in my kit bag. I am pretty shattered physically and mentally and there is no chance I can do any work now, I have already learnt so much this weekend that it is possible any more information input would lead to my brain exploding. Its amazing how mentally draining the track is, the utter concentration and effort put into everything leads to a similar effect of a five hour ride. The difference being that the track can create a similar 'effect' in an hour!

Today was Team Pursuit drills and training and I enjoyed it so much, riding them as a team felt great, really pushing each other and going faster and faster as we progressed through different efforts. Yesterday; Madison and a really testing roller session. I really enjoyed it too - the races are both about team work but are very different. One is famous for being super precise and planned to the last fibre (Team Pursuits), the other is unpredictable and famous for organised chaos (Madison).

Team work is an integral part of almost any sport and the feeling of succeeding or really nailing a specific drill is immense. The camp was, as ever, very testing and im sure would break most adults let alone other teenagers. However our personal drive and love for the sport really shines through, one minute we will be absolutely dead after a really hard session, the next everyone has the energy to have a laugh and chat over dinner, I think cycling must be the most social sport in the world. There are guys from Yorkshire, Manchester, Wales, Scotland, the Isle Of Man and me the Londoner, its a true testament to how well the group gels. I think having a shared passion and similar aims in life probably helps a bit!