Just got back from a really good ride with the lads, did 4 and half hours today and the same yesterday so been a pretty productive weekend. Feeling strong at the moment and building some good foundations for next season. Last night I was 5 off 2,000 hits/views on my blog and when I got back today I had 2,015! Also shows the blog is gathering pace with 400 hits just last month, audiences all over the world including the USA, Italy, Belgium and New Zealand to name a few! The next goal is definitely 10,000 but maybe I will aim for 3,000 but the end of the 2010, it will take some serious promotion!

Anyway thankyou very much to everyone that is reading, I am pretty tired and have loads of homework to do so ciao!

P.s. Hoping to announce a big and very exiting sponsor for next season in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!