Delays and Mud

Overall I have had a really good weekend, a training session in Newport Gwent (Wales) on saturday followed by a 4 hour Mountain Bike ride with Alex through Epping Forest on sunday.

Saturday started with a very early start; my train left Paddington at 7.30 to get into Newport at half past ten. Two and a half hours later than planned I arrived in a very wet Newport, bundled the track bike in my coaches car and headed off straight for the Velodrome. A train had broken down infront of mine, blocking the tracks. Anyway I had a great afternoon on the boards, doing lots of sprint work and learning lots as usual. Changed my position slightly on the track bike too and it felt a lot better, my handlebars are getting lower and lower!

Sunday was my first ever Mtb ride, I had borrowed a Mountain bike the previous day to take home and with the Essex lanes threatening ice we hit the trails. I really enjoyed it, to start with I was awful technically and only just keeping up, but soon I found my confidence and learnt a little to start going quiet a bit quicker. It was great and a nice change to the road, especially not having to worry about cars the whole time. That said I cant wait to get back on the road! We also pulled in at the South East and Eastern cyclo cross championships at Hog Hill on the way home to support some of the vets from out club. It was great to see Andy, Gary and co ripping it up in the mud. Gary won his event and I had a great little catch up with him afterwards, I have been looking at his results on the internet and he has been going really well in the National Cyclo Cross series, with a baby on the way he is getting in as much racing as he can before the due date in Febuary!

Yesterday (Monday) was a rest day, but today I did an hour on the rollers followed by an hour on the turbo trainer. Feeling good and will do a long ride tomorrow as Im on study leave and have the day off! Have had over 7 hours of exams in the last 2 days and a load more revision to do now so arrivederci.