Last night Bede and I donned our Red and White scarfs and hopped on the bus to watch the Arsenal. It was only his second game at the Emirates where as, through friends, I manage to blag a ticket atleast a couple of times a season. Although however much you go it is still great fun to go, rivals may call it the 'Highbury Library' but the atmosphere last night was great. I think partly due to the cheap prices, especially for Under 18s, but also due to the fact Arsenal had managed to make it too the Semi Final, within a touch of their first silverware in six years. I may be a die hard cycling fan/racer, however like thousands if not millions of other British boys my sporting career started on a Saturday morning. For me on the Hackney Marshes and also in London Fields, it was a great way to channel all my energy and I represented the borough for a season. From Football I went on too swimming, eventually taking part in a British Channel Swim 6 man relay, and then to Cycling. I will post something about the Channel soon as it taught me a great deal of things I use in my cycling now and I have managed too miss it out on the blog up until now!

I have been on the rollers today, turbo yesterday and turbo tomorrow, will thankfully be out on the roads this weekend although have a roller session to do too! Planning the first part of my race calendar at the moment, all very exiting, just have to contain myself for another month or so now. Also lots of work and revision with part of my Physics Gcse coming on Monday.