I have just got home from a very hard weekend in Manchester on a Camp with the British Olympic Talent Programme. We did a lot of work on Team Pursuits and Madison and I had some great fun, learning lots and hurting lots along the way. Looking ahead to the future and work is going into completing my Race Calendar for this year, you can never be one hundred percent certain on the races you are going to ride, especially smaller ones, however I have a reasonably good idea of the balance I am looking for between Track work, National Series races, Elite british senior races and racing lots in Belgium too. Its all very exiting and I cant wait to get out on my new Condor when the weather clears up a little.

Whilst riding at the Velodrome today I was thinking about how great a spectator sport cycling is, watching people in the Velodrome stands watching us training and obviously really enjoying it. They hadnt necessarily come to watch cycling as there are plenty of other facilities around the track, but they where evidently pretty interested in out Madison training.

Im not looking forward to getting up too go to school tomorrow morning but thats not a choice! Really pleased with how the weekend went and although I have lots to improve on, with limited track time available, I am setting my mind to it, getting all these small things right is very rewarding and you can always get better. Bede has got his new bike that I gave him for christmas (he had his last one stolen) so I am going to try and do a nice photo of him with it soon, lots of other work and training to get on with though also need to get a full report of the revolution up if i can!