I sat in school all day, watching a beautiful crisp late winter/very early spring day disappear away. I rode home from school as fast as I could, grabbed a sandwich too eat, chucked on some lycra and headed out on the Condor. Firstly I have been enjoying riding it so much! I have clocked about 9 hours solo on it in three rides this week and they have felt fast and strong, It is such a relief to be riding it, sweeping around corners and accelerating up hill. I rode for an two hours, wanted to do more but the light went at 5, so I ended up riding in the dark for an hour. Annoying that there had been light and warmth all day but school has to be done! I am doing a load of tests at the University College London Hospital on Friday, will be very painful but give some great results on Lactate thresholds and Vo2 capacity. Will hopefully film and take some photos of the testing being done on me and others.