Vo2 Testing

Today I took the day off school for a "doctors appointment", it was a slightly different appointment to you average doctors note handed in at the school office. Rhys, Alex, Keir, Clem and I where booked in for a Vo2 Max test at 9.30 at University College London. Rhys was first up on the rig, masked up and ready to go. It was a ramped test, measuring Power, Heart Rate and giving different bits of real time information like Liters of Oxygen per Kg. It was pretty tough as the test had no set time limit but instead ramped up until the body could not longer physically give anything. I put out some good numbers, but in retrospect like all the other lads think I could have gone harder! The most positive thing I have taken from it so far is getting used to doing these rig tests, the thing about them is that they are a measure of physical ability but actually end up being very mental too. Going into these tests with no self confidence, means you never end up hitting the number you should and often deserve too, however if you commit to the tests you will almost always get something positive out of them! That doesnt mean going out like mad from the start, but really giving it everything and being confident in your own ability.

I am getting the results from the tests at some point next week so will be good to see those, the main advantage being the heart rate zones I train on will now be much more specific than before.