So last week I was in Newport, Wales for another training camp with British Cycling. However this camp was slightly different too our usual ones, we rode an Omnium format along with a Team Pursuit. Also racing where the Junior Olympic Development Squad so it was guaranteed to be a real good weekend on the boards. The first day started with the Team Pursuit, one of my favorite disciplines. My four man team where going out pretty fast, hoping to beat the unofficial national record set by the North West at the Inter Regional Track Championships, since we had only gone three seconds slower over 3km the previous weekend on normal wheels and helmets I felt it was definitely within our reach. We went out pretty hard but not stupid fast, keeping it a little under the real pain barrier in order to pick it up later on in the ride. I put in a good turn, swung up and then got back onto the back of the team with no trouble, I had been having trouble with my changes due mainly too a lack of track time but they seem to really be coming together now. With around 6 laps to go (1.5km) one of the lads was having trouble staying with the pace and pulled up to leave three to the end. We put in hard 1 and half lap turns each and where soon flying into the finish line. I felt we had all ridden really well and we ended up coming in .3 over the time we wanted, I was mildly disappointing but knew we could have gone faster (and will go faster!)

Next was the start of the omnium proper with a flying lap and scratch, neither a particular specialty, however both races I have lots to learn in. I attacked a lot in the scratch, hoping to make it hard and break some legs but nothing really stuck. Even so it felt good to get my nose in the wind and try my legs out. To wrap the day up we headed out on the road for a couple of hours, the welsh countryside was lovely and it was weird to be training in such a large group as its something I very rarely do.

Saturday saw an early road ride followed by the Individual Pursuit, I was currently in 7th position out of the under16 lads, something I was not pleased with, but knew I had time to change atleast. The Pursuit went well, it was my fifth ever pursuit and I put a decent 2 seconds into my previous Personal best, coming in 3rd under 16. I was pleased but still disappointed, for sure I can go faster with form and a bit more experience of riding the event. The Devil/Elimination race, a real hard race in my opinion, was great. I ended up 1st under 16 and 3rd out of everyone, my tactics I was told afterwards where absolutely shocking and I was told I had thrown away the chance for a win, however also that I had ridden well and should be pleased with the result. I pushed hard and was suffering majorly at the end but it paid off and the good results from the day rocketed by position up the scoreboard.

Sunday took in my first ever Kilo and also a Points race. Mum surprised me by coming up on the train to watch which was nice, she hadnt really seen me ride the track before so was great for her too get a sense of the atmosphere. I ended up third overall securing a ride in the first Talent Team trip of the year, the Wim Hendricks race in Holland, along with another two Kermesse races over in Flanders. Also thanks to Ragan for lending me some race wheels for the weekend. Im on the lookout for a sponsor at the moment for some track wheels.

Tomorrow will be my first senior National B race of the year at Hog Hill. Will be interesting too see how the legs go.