These two photos inspire me a great deal, I could write a whole essay on either but I will try to stick to a few words and leave you, the reader, to delve a little deeper into each shot. The first features Kelly and Roche, the caption, 'the eternal duel of the irishmen'. I love the look on their faces, the bold colours of the jerseys and even the similarity of their positions. These where two of the best riders in the world, from one country, riding side by side like they had done for years.

The second, of Merckx, undoubtedly the greatest rider of all time, shows the sheer pain that even the best go through. As the great Greg Lemond said 'it never gets easier, you just go faster'. In both photos I find the use of the clips and laced shoes fascinating aswell as almost scary. I love the look on 'the cannibals' face, a nickname that Merckx hated, but that was so just with the way in which he rode, literally crushing his opponents.