Weekend just gone...

First off these two are my heroes! Yes thats a one-two in an Eastern Road Race League race in Ipswich on Sunday from Rhys and Clem. The club has just been accepted into the League and so far we have taken all three podium places with Alex taking third in the first round at the Crest RR.

Anyway this weekend I was racing at Hillingdon on Saturday and then training on my own Sunday as the boys where up to their above buisness and Alex was racing the first round of the Junior National Series, which by the way he placed second in! A really great result and he sounded pretty chuffed on the phone.

The race Saturday didnt go aswell as I had hoped, it a very flat course which makes riding it in senior races on the youth gearing harder but good training. I was hoping to ride well and get a good race out of it. It ended up being quiet a "negative" race, a term I dont really like, but that fits pretty aptly. There was one very well represented, strong team that chased down all the breaks, a fair move since they obviously had the quickest sprinter on the day, it just didnt suit my style of racing. However in those situations you have too try and make the most of the race so I gave a almost as many attacks as I could, wary to make it hard however try and come home with something an the end of the day in the seemingly inevitable bunch sprint.

I spent a few laps of the front on my own but it was pretty windy and I just didnt have the legs too hold of the bunch all on my own, I hung out there in no mans land for a little longer, hoping a group would come across but it never did and I was soon caught. I got a little boxed in during the sprint, coming in 7th, disappointed but looking forward to my next race, next weekend in Belgium!

Sunday and I rode for just under four and a half hours on my own, I had a great tailwind out and then a strong headwind battering me all the way home. I was absolutely shattered when I got home but elated to hear of Rhys, Clem and Alex's successes.