Bristol National Series

The story of the race starts on the Thursday before the Sunday race, with me crashing very hard just before a training ride. Immidietly I knew my left knee was worst off, I was very near to home so got back and lay in bed for hald an hour, angry at myself and ancious to see if I was going to be ok. Soon the iced peas came out as my knee started to swell. Friday I rode my town bike for ten minutes feeling slightly better and by saturday I was on the road with the Rapha Condor Sharp team. Doing a recce of the Dengie Marshes race, organised by a great friend of mine, Alan Rosner. They ended up absolutely blitzing it the next day, getting a 1,2.

Sunday was an early start, with my heat schedulded to start at 1.30 the drive to Bristol was a relatively easy spin along the M4. It was about 3 o'clock when we started out 'heat', with a small tight circuit there was a limit of 40 riders on the course at one time so we had to qualify for a final. It split like mad, and almost rained like mad during the heat. However after a fresh change of socks and another warm up I was back on the start line for the final. I attacked quiet a few times, eventually getting blocked in during one attack with about 400m to go, losing all my momentum and coming in around 5th or 6th. My legs hadnt felt great and I was very dissapointed with the end result.