Hillingdon Summer Series #1

Tuesday was the first of the Hillingdon Summer series, we raced for around forty minutes, finishing in the dark with car headlights illuminating the finish line! I have to say it felt like I was competing in some type of underground drag race.

The nature of the short race meant that it was always going to be fast and furious. After a very dissapointing race Sunday I really wanted to make ammends, using my head and aswell as my legs. A few people went early on, I followed a few and attacked twice but nothing was going to stick. After about ten minutes I counter attacked just as another move came back. A close friend Dante came with me and a rider from AW Cycles came across to us very quickly, we had developed a healthy lead and worked well together to maximise the gap. After about fifteen minutes or so we saw three laps to go and put our heads down for two laps, however coming into the final mile the games started and with around 400 metres to go a group of six riders came straight over the top of our three riders. I reacted quickly to get onto the fastest travelling wheel. I pushed hard and although I got slightly blocked in I kicked hard and came in for third. I was pleased as its very hard to race at Hillingdon on youth gears, but really want to win an elite race there this year.

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