Bit quiet on the blogging front recently, surprisingly I havent had all that much to write! Currently counting down the day until the tour starts and getting all my kit prepared for another weekend in Belgium. I am also racing at Hog Hill tonight in the E12 with Clem, so will be sharking for a good result in what will hopefully be another strong field. With only three weeks to go until the National Championships in Bradford, I am really starting to get going and cant wait to get going. However between now and then I have some important races, including the Inter Regional Road Champs and the Eastern Region Circuit Champs. Its defiantly the business end of the season and to match I have done a Bradley Wiggins and cut all my hair off! Nice and light with the recent hot weather we have been having!

Also thankyou to my Granny, Jeannie, for buying me David Millars new autobiography pictured above. I think its going to be a really interesting read as he has written it himself, as apposed to a ghost writer. I will let you know my thoughts on the book next weekend, im sure it will fill my car journey to and from Belgium this weekend perfectly!