I am one of those kids who can never sit still in class. I have never really had a good Parents Evening (so far), especially in Primary School, as I was always fidgeting and talking. It still affects me now when I am trying to revise, I find it really hard to just revise, I have to do about ten things at once, with the radio on, texting on my phone, and all sorts of other things, whilst reading the revision guide.

It spills into Cycling, I hate sitting in during races and doing nothing, I find it very boring and when I find a chance too attack, nine times out of ten I will take it. That said, I can sit in, if told to do so, or if I really know I must, however I will still be thinking of attacking the whole time. I guess its not just about that though, the attacking mentality, its something I have developed from watching hundreds of hours of Cycling Videos, from reading about races, following my favorite riders, who always seem to be those most exiting and not necessarily the guy that always wins. I am learning to learn when I must sit in, when a bunch sprint is inevitable, but its not easy and in the back of your mind you know there is always a chance your attack could be the one that sticks. Its not all about attention spans, I can sit in the saddle for over four hours solo, just riding, its just one of those things.

You have to entertain as well as win; so what better way to do so than attack. I was pulling faces at the nocturne, because I was hurting and I really wanted to put on a spectacle for the guys there to watch me, by making sure I was the action. I guess with a lot of the youth racing I do at the moment in Britain, a sprinter wins, but in Belgium I have ridden one race that ended in a bunch sprint, out of about thirty or so. Its all about looking to the future, honing in on where you need to improve whilst perfecting the things you are better at. Like I said in my nocturne post, I dont like sitting in, I love the feeling of being the head of the race! Thats not too say I dislike sprinters, infact I envy them for the sheer amount of power they are able to produce in such a short space of time, to be able to go so deep for a few seconds.

And at the end of the day, contradictory to almost this whole post (sorry for wasting your time!) its not always about winning, but it is, it so is. So it doesnt have to be beautiful, just as long as you get those hands in the air, sprint or not.