Thursday Rsr and ELV Summer Series Race

Thursday was a long old day down at Hog Hill, I arrived at about Nine Thirty in the morning, leaving just under twelve hours later after my race. The first part of the day was a Regional School Of Racing, for Eastern Region riders. These training sessions, open to almost all under sixteen cyclists in each British Cycling region, give a great day of training from expert British Cycling coaches. We are lucky enough to have Rob Sharman as the Eastern Regional Coach, a rider who won the Premier Calendar and rode the Worlds in 2005, and still races at a very high level. The day training in the sun was pretty tiring, however it was good fun and very important to revisit some more basic principles once in a while, thinking about things that we dont normally touch on during camps. It was also fun to just chill out a little on the bike, looking at the technical side of things, whilst topping up the tan lines!

After a few hours maths revision in the Cafe at the top of the Hoggunberg, riders started to arrive for the race, I pinned my numbers on and although my legs where feeling pretty lethargic I was looking forward to racing. The field wasnt as strong as in previous weeks, with a number of the local elites racing in the nearby Tour Series in Colchester, however it was still going to be a good race. Stupidly I let a very strong rider go early on, and spent vast amounts of energy trying to bridge across before it was too late. However this was to no avail and the bunch was in a very unusual mood for Hog Hill with lots of bunch towing and pretty much every group going of the front refusing to work together. After feeling like I had made almost every attack possible all race I ended up getting swamped during the gallop and pretty much sitting up. I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home, so knew it had been a good workout, and with two races this weekend It was time to freshen up.

Thanks to Kevin Knox at Vicious Velo for the photo.