I have just got home from a very sunny and reasonably successful weekend in Flanders, however I will talk about that in a full post sometime in the next few days. This weekend I started (and finished!) David Millars Autobiography racing through the dark, it was a really inspiring read, at times it got pretty tough with some of the detail about his past, but it is an absolutely brilliant read, infact I want to do a full post on my thoughts from the book in the future too, although I may have to read it again first! It was great to come home today and see that David had been on the podium at the tour, the book gives a real sense of how bad he felt his own life had become during a tough phase in his life, however his openness and willingness to share his mistakes is great, especially for someone looking to make it to the pro ranks, I can only say I am glad I am going into a new era of the sport, as to say what he went through was tough would be a huge understatement.

Its brilliant to see Millar, on the podium with his team mates, a team he helped set up and a team that set a standard not only for clean cycling, but for sport worldwide. Below is my podium picture from this weekend, from saturday, in Moorslede, not quiet as glamorous but hopefully I will get there one day! Chapeau David Millar, I loved your book.

A big thankyou to my Granny Jeannie for the book!