This weekend saw some long hours in the saddle, however with the weather still reasonably warm, I had a great solo ride Saturday and another with Rhys on Sunday. First up of the embarrassing pictures Rhys has taken recently; the ear warming Moroccan Blue Rapha Winter Collar. I have started using the collar on my head, rather than around my neck and it has turned out to be suprisingly versatile. The merino wool collar can cope with a wide range of temperatures and having a bit of hair poking out the top gives plenty of room for heat to escape, as apposed to a full on hat. That said when the snow comes, the collar will be neck bound, swapped for something thicker.

Saturday saw a quick stop mid ride at my Great Aunt and Uncles house near Hartford, to rendezvous with my Grandparents. A quick slice of bread and jam, a chat, then back too it, pedalling home. Sunday had Rhys and I in the car, driving out to meet a big group ride and head for the infamous (amongst southern cyclists) Blue Egg Cafe, currently a favourite of no other than the current World Road Race Champion - Mark Cavendish. However a mix up in meeting places saw us behind the group we where to meet, bombing along in the hope of catching up, however it was not to be. I was later informed we arrived at the Cafe just after Andy Lyons, Alex Dowsett and co had left. Hopefully next weekend! It is also very lucky that the cafe isnt nearer home, or else Cafe stops like I enjoyed this weekend, cake all round, would be a far more frequent occurrence.