Jeremy Powers

Not only is J‐POW a fellow Rapha rider, not only does he rock Giro, but he also makes a hilarious video series on his travels across the globe. Riding CycloCross and the occasional Road Race in the summer, giving you an insight into his race day preparation. Those who have not seen it, checkout out Behind the Barriers at all costs. It's good enough that I am in no way embarrassed to say that Bede and I have on occasion run home from school to check out the latest episode. 

Not only do the videos give great insight into the behind the scenes antics of J‐POW, they have also given me a fresh outlook on approaching racing and traveling. Simply, Jeremy does everything with a smile on his face, seemingly enjoying every moment of absolutely everything. Cross events are generally a lot shorter than your average road race, however I think that I can take a lot from Jeremy's chilled out attitude before races. It's sure to save a hell of a lot of energy, helping the marginal gains and creating a positive atmosphere is no bad thing. And although he doesn't generally stick to the dont stand up if you can sit down, dont sit down if you can lie down, dont lie down if you can go to sleep motto, he sure does get psyched up for his races with his dancing antics!