So my first British road race of 2012. First British road race ever! And it was a super wet one. Soaked to the bone I was bordering hyperthermic after finishing, with Rhys having to help me get changed.

On the whole I was a little dissapointed with the end result, coming in nineteenth out of the eighty starters and twenty finishers. However the cold really took it out of me and on that note it could have been a great deal worse. My hands were numb enough I couldnt get into my pockets to eat, combined with the fact I didnt ride the most clever race, ensured that with one lap of the twenty km course to go I blew my doors off completely. Game over legs wise, I couldnt even get the food into my mouth to eat. Eventually kreeping across the finish line a painful and wet lap later.

However onwards and upwards, this weekend I am off to Newport for a short three day training camp, followed by a trip to Belgium the weekend after.