Hillingdon GP & Hog Hill Summer Series 4

Last Sunday saw a return to racing at the senior men's Hillingdon GP after a few weeks away from racing. The racing was run off at a decent lick, with a few British domestic teams mixed into the local seniors. The first few laps where a bit of a shock to the system, however I soon got my teeth into the race and was feeling pretty decent. Unfortunately I managed to miss the race winning break, containing all three of the well represented teams. I attacked on my own, getting halfway across the thirty second gap, however ran out of steam and had to resign myself to vying for a top ten rather than the win. The rest of the race was very controlled, with the teams in the race looking after their riders in the break. The pace wound up higher and higher in the last few laps and I 'ducked and dived' to try get onto the best wheels for the upcoming sprint. I managed this to a certain degree, although could have been a little better placed, and ended up sprinting to thirteenth, with six riders up the road in the break. It was a decent first result back after a few days away from racing, but there is definitely more to come in this second upcoming half of the season! Bede was also racing earlier in the day, sprinting to an excellent fourth place in the under twelves, plenty more to come from him.

On Thursday I returned to Hog Hill for the second time this season. An hour and fifteen minute crit was on the cards, with a decent looking field for a weeknight race. I was a little eager only on, finding the pace a little to relaxed for my liking. After a few laps a small break had a decent gap, I attacked across through one of the corners, with a few riders following me, a break of five riders had formed. We held a slender advantage for the rest of the race, with the bunch hovering not far behind. I found myself riding off the front on the climbs, however with at least twenty minutes left to race I never really pushed on. With two laps to go  I thought it was about time and put the hammer down on the climb, taking a small advantage and pretty much holding it to the line two laps later. Looking at my lap times in comparison to my win earlier in the season, I wasnt going quiet as quick, however this might be explained by doing slightly more in the break and differing conditions. Anyway no room for complaints with another win in the bag for the season. No photos up yet, not sure if any will pop up, will update if I find any!