Best way to recover after a long winter ride - hot bath and a bit of telly? [Mum loves a good sneeky photo...]

In current news I am off to Glasgow on Tuesday for the last ODP camp of the year. It feels like the start of something big. Our first run out on the new Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, home of the 2013 Junior Track World Championships, come August. It will also host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, something I cant help but have as a long term goal in my head, no matter how ambitious!

Camp will be followed by some festive activities, mainly trying to eat as little rubbish as possible, in order to keep the pounds off. I am sure I will also get in plenty of riding, I really hope the weather stays as nice as it has been this weekend. The 2013 season may start of relatively early, with the possibility of an event on the track early in January, however that will depend on impending selection decisions.

In the meantime its a little biology revision and then to catch Sports Personality of the Year, fingers crossed for Bradley!