I had a few more 'artistic', or so I would like to think, blog posts up my sleeve for the festive period. Mainly conceived in an attempt to focus a little more on my writing style and invariably put more time and effort into my content. I also want to try to experiment a little, writing about new and unconquered topics and seeing where my pen and pad can take me. However for once I have managed to prioritise my revision a little. Biology is the theme of the moment, with an exam four days into next term. Thus in the meantime a short round-up will have to suffice, before I try to come up with some (slightly) more thought provoking ideas to put up on here...

The last few weeks have, like the vast majority of fellow Britons, involved lots of festive activity and inevitably some indulgence on the food front. Now as boring as this is, I think it's a pretty key time of year. Exiting Christmas at a still respectable weight allows me to concentrate on my training and not stress too much about hitting good figures on the scales, something that can seriously affect training load. However it is also important, I believe, to spend some quality time with family and relax a little. This results, like I increasingly find with almost everything in life, for the need for some sort of balance to be struck. Or else there is a risk of entering the new year looking like my brother in the 'sumo suit' he received as a christmas present from my aunt! This is one of the many small yet significant details I love about cycling, however difficult it can be over Christmas!

In other, slightly more interesting news, Rapha today unveiled the hotly anticipated Team Sky kit for 2013. I have to admit I had been lucky enough to see a few sneak-peak previews up at Rapha towers, however seeing the finished product on the shoulders of Mr Wiggins really brought it all to life. It is tremendously exciting to think I am be using many of the products that the Team Sky boys will now also be riding on a day to day basis. I am sure all involved with Rapha will benefit from the insight of the number one team in the world. I am also absolutely delighted that Rapha, such a brilliant company who I know is run by such driven people and who have been so kind and supportive of my own career in the past one and half years, are to be associated with such a winning and ultimately successful team, it is as perfect a match as they come in my eyes.