Material 2013

Out with the 'old' and in with the new! A new bike is always a little scary, especially when you are as pedantic about your position on the bike as I am. However I have just jumped off the rollers and luckily all is well. Although thats actually not luck at all, a huge thanks goes out to all the mechanics at the Condor shop and warehouse for looking after me rain, shine or very often, with broken wheels!

The bike for this year is an absolute beaut and Condor have yet again stepped up to the plate to deliver a really awesome and good looking bit of kit. This is my third season straight on a Condor Leggero and every year the little tweaks made get better and better, or in other words; lighter and stiffer! I really cannot wait to get racing now and thankfully I will be this weekend, with some Belgian kermesse action lined up to start the season off in true fashion.
Contact points are almost as important as the bike and position on it, especially when I often spend upwards of twenty plus hour weeks in and on these things. I am hugely lucky to be using Giro shoes and helmets from MadisonUK again this year. Again I have been using these products for near on two years now and it really makes life so much easier not having to fiddle with a million different things when changing over between kit suppliers. The Prolight shoes are without a doubt the lightest on the market and most definitely look the part too.

A huge thanks to all my sponsors for 2013, they make my racing and life in general a hell of a lot easier. Make sure to visit their websites listed on right for more info on all their products.